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Critical Illness

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Critical illness coverage  provides cash benefit payouts to help  with serious covered illness or injury

Perfect for clients who:
  • Provides lump sum cash payouts directly to the member    (assignment to a medical provider is available)

  • Benefit pay-outs can be used on everything from mortgages to insurance deductibles

  • These plans are not considered Minimal Essential Coverage under the ACA


  • Want added protection against financial loss in case of a covered accident or illness

  • Want help paying their medical plan’s high deductible 

  • Guaranteed issue product that complements a members health plan (helps pay deductible if covered accident or illness)

  • No coordination of benefits with medical insurance

  • Missed Open Enrollment

  • Don’t have a QE outside of Open Enrollment to change their plan to lower their costs

  • Got a new job and have a waiting period before they are eligible for health benefits.

  • Benefit Options may vary slightly by state so be sure you are viewing the correct brochure.

  • Offers coverage periods up to 364 days, in some states

  • Option to use any provider or facility

  • Offers traditional deductible and out-of-pocket costs


Short Term Medical Coverage is non-ACA compliant health insurance that can be purchased outside of Open Enrollment and without a qualifying event.

Short Term Medical
Perfect for clients who:
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Products offered by (Click logo to quote):

Products offered by (Click logo to quote):

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Fixed Indemnity
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A Fixed Indemnity Plan pays fixed-benefit amounts to protect against covered medical expenses resulting from hospitalization, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation services.

  • No plan calendar year, or lifetime dollar amount maximums. Maximums vary per covered benefit. 

  • Helps protect against financial loss associated with unexpected hospital stays or surgical procedures.

  • Guaranteed renewable

  • No enrollment periods. 

  • No coordination of benefits

Perfect for clients who:
  • Do not have access to affordable ACA compliant plans and are looking for alternative ways to protect themselves and their family

  • Prefer first dollar benefits with no deductible 

  • Like having the ability to see any doctor in any network

  • Need a flexible start date in the middle of the month

Accident Insurance

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Accident coverage provides a cash benefit to help meet cost shares along with any other expenses that may arise from a covered accident.

  • Annual benefit bank of $2,500 to $15,000

  • Issue ages: 18 - 74.

  • Guarantee renewable to age 75

  • No coordination of benefits with any other insurance


Perfect for clients who:
  • Have a high deductible or out-of-pocket max

  • Have family members that play sports or are physically active

  • Need a more affordable ACA plan with higher cost shares

  • Don't have a large savings account to handle medical emergencies

International Medical Insurance

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Travel Insurance provides a high standard of international health care for all types of travelers, whether it's one single trip, multiple planned trips, leisure/business travel or even students studying abroad.

  • Choice of varying medical limits and deductibles

  • Covers pre-existing conditions

  • Choose in or out-of-network providers

  • 24/7 Phone, Web and Mobile support


Perfect for clients who:
  • Travel for work or pleasure

  • Have family members that study abroad

  • Are concerned about medical services while out of the country